How to pick a sunscreen for brown skin?

How to pick a sunscreen for brown skin?

We are spilling all the secrets to help save your beautiful brown skin from potential red flags when it comes to SPF. Find out what works for your brown skin and what red flags to watch out for!

Why is sunscreen important for brown skin?

Skin gurus and dermats worldwide have time and again stressed on the fact that anybody who has skin, needs sunscreen. In fact, melanin-rich brown skin is more prone to the kind of sun damage that can be daunting to soothe later.

Additionally, South Asian brown skin beauties are also vulnerable to ageing, skin discolouration, hyperpigmentation due to sun exposure. A high SPF sunscreen is a proven way to minimize all these skin ailments and keep brown skin healthy and supple for longer.

Not all sunscreens are created equal

Just like our skin, not all sunscreens are made the same. While common sun-safe habits like limiting time in the sun, accessorizing with a hat, sunglasses or a scarf and reapplying sunscreen are common across the spectrum, the type of sunscreen does depend on skin type and colour.

With a plethora of SPF-loaded sunblocks, sunscreens, lotions, mists and makeup crowding the beauty counters, it is natural to feel lost while trying to find a go-to sun protection as a woman of colour.

So what do we do? We just keep it simple and stick to what skincare experts suggest for brown skin.

Decoding sun protection for brown skin

We get it, you want to wear sunscreen but you don’t want it to look like you are. Most sunscreens often leave the dreaded white cast which is an instant put off for most Indian [1] women.

That’s exactly why it is important to know what to ask and look for when hunting for sunscreen. A good sunscreen for Indian skin will always pass the following tests:

  1. It will blend seamlessly without any kind of a white residue.

  2. It will have a natural tint, allowing it to blend seamlessly.

  3. It will be at least SPF30 because higher the SPF, lower the sun burn.

  4. It will be water-resistant so that you won’t have to worry about sun protection while being exposed to water or heat.

  5. It will be lightweight and act as primer by lending a flawless finish.

  6. It will not strip off moisture from your skin.

  7. It will be free from harmful ingredients like phthalates, formaldehyde etc.

  8. It will not promise to brighten or lighten your skin.

Last but not the least, just listen to your skin and don’t compromise. Sun protection should always be a top priority and it is absolutely ok to take your time and find what works the best for you.

The Mokah Take

Who doesn’t want to enjoy soaking in the sun or spending a day at the beach without worrying about sun damage? We all do! Don’t let baseless myths stop you from taking care of your skin. Sun damage is as real for brown skin as it is for those on the other side.

Just go out there, find your sun buddy and your skin will stay grateful to you forever.

And of course, you can thank us later!


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