Choosing lipsticks for Your Skin Tone. Let's have some fun!

Choosing lipsticks for Your Skin Tone. Let's have some fun!

Why is lipstick so important to a woman?

“If I walk outside without lipstick, I feel naked”, says the Modern Family star Sofia Vergara. Lipstick is undoubtedly the most important part in a woman’s makeup. It gives power and confidence to a woman. Lips are considered as one of the sensual parts of the body and applying lipstick on them makes a woman more attractive and helps them express their inner beauty. Goes without saying that one could choose not to apply lipstick at all and still look pretty and slay!


Find your skin tone and undertone

There are numerous options available when it comes to choosing a lipstick; in varying tones, finishes and colors. Hence, it becomes very important to choose the right lipstick shade for your skin tone. The first step in this process is to figure out what is your skin tone and undertone. Skin tone is the surface skin color which can change depending on the season while the skin undertone remains the same. To know more about what is skin tone, undertone and the difference between the both, check out our post here.


Different Lipstick Shades based on Skin tone

There are mainly five types of skin tone namely fair, light, medium, tan, and deep skin tone. We have created a post for the different types of skin tone and how to find your skin tone.

Now that you know what your skin tone is, here are some suggestions!

For fair and light skin tones, the lipstick shades like coral, peach, nude, and dusty red look stunning on them.

While for the medium skin tone, colors like berry, rose, cherry red and mauve shades look perfect.

The tan skin girls can go with coral, deep pink, bright red, and most other colors while those with a deep skin tone can carry brown and purple hues like plum, caramel, wine, and blue-based reds.


Lipstick Shades based on your Undertone

There is no perfect way to find the right lipstick shade but knowing your undertone will tighten your search list. You can try different shades of one color on the inside of your arm and check how different undertones look on our skin. Most people are of the warm or cool undertone while some have a mix of both and are called neutral undertone. Here is our guide to know your Skin Undertones.

Warm Undertone, if you have warm or yellow undertones or olive skin, try for a lipstick color with warm undertones: orangey-red, brick-red, and terra-cotta will complement your skin.



Cool Undertone, a lipstick with cold undertones, such as blue-ish or purple colors, is the ideal complement to cool complexion tones with blue or pink undertones. Try a vivid cherry red that's bluer than orange, berry colors like cranberry, or a rich plum.



Neutral undertones complement a broad spectrum of colors. If you have a neutral skin tone or are unsure of your undertones, consider mauve tones for medium skin, pinkish tones for fair skin, and berry tones for darker skin.



If you are still thinking what to choose, let's make it simple! Just remember that your undertone should correspond with the color you choose. Cool undertones look best in cool lipsticks, while the warm undertones look perfect in warm lipsticks and for neutral there is a broad range to choose from.


Mokah Take

We have shared with you a comprehensive guide on how to check the right lipstick shade for your skin tone, but we truly believe that you should wear the lipstick in which you truly feel comfortable and empowered.

"There are endless ways to enhance beauty. You never know when you will find your perfect lipstick unless you keep experimenting." – Makeup Artist Pat Macgrath

Curation Source : Maybelline, Vogue, Byedie and BB masterclass, discussions with make up artists and experts.


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