Alia Bhatt's not-so bridal bridal look!

Alia Bhatt's not-so bridal bridal look!

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor's wedding has been the talk of the town. Now that they are wed, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. They looked fantastic as expected! Alia Bhatt, was dressed in a beautiful white saree designed by none other than Sabyasachi. Her wedding makeup also proved that she is here to break the bridal makeup stereotype.

We've broken down Alia Bhatt's simple yet stunning bridal makeup look for you, here:

Skincare – The secret to her No-makeup look

Start with your skin to nail the no-makeup wedding look, since you want to embrace your skin's natural texture rather than cover it up with heavy makeup. Bhatt achieved a minimal no-makeup look (with visible freckles) by relying heavily on hydrated skin, following a consistent skincare routine before marriage and using foundation and concealer sparingly.


The minimal eye makeup

Alia had her whole makeup toned down looking very natural. She had perfectly groomed natural brows and even a few freckles around her nose. When going for a no-makeup look, it's important to only fill in the brows where necessary and brush the hair in place to make them look naturally bushy and full.


Blushed Cheeks and Tinted Lips

Alia has a soft blush color on her face that is beautifully blended to her skin instead of strong contours for sculpting the cheekbones. Topping it all off, super-natural (light) caramel nude brown lips complemented the entire look.


Bohemian Hair

Her effortless glam, coupled with her loose hair, was just what we needed to feel refreshed. This was the perfect finish to Bhatt's carefree look.


The Infinity Symbol

What people loved was her beautiful gesture of adding the infinity symbol to her Mangalsutra and Mehendi. Ranbir is said to have 8 as his lucky number which was represented by the infinity symbol.



The Mokah Take

People have criticized her for not wearing makeup to her wedding and for how she should have worn a red lehenga and traditional bridal makeup. We applaud Alia's decision to wear simple makeup and accept the imperfections for who she is as she is and breaking bridal makeup stereotypes. And she looked beautiful! We also believe that the makeup is not for hiding your true self but accentuating your real beauty.


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